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Join EntreGivers first! Discover your leadership skills by creating a mini-business plan with friends. Only two rules: the mini-business must be charitable and you must try very hard to have fun! At the same time, we'll coach you to be work-ready, adult ready and glistening with savvy business skills! 
Next, grab a friend, family or classroom to go through one or all of the Life Skill Projects!
There are over 30 and all are very different, interactive, important to your adult life, and yet somehow we manage to make them entertaining. We help you apply the experience to your resumes, portfolio, applications and - any other way that is helpful to you! 
At this point you'll be ready for one or more of ourJob & Internship programs! They are different than other programs you've seen - our approach is personalized.


We don't mold you to fit into the world, we help you carve your own place in your future! Go at your own pace! It's YOUR life - we're just trying to help you discover your best self! 

Teen Lines. People are available to listen.
(Including Us at the.Game)

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Your answers help us stay true to our word that this is a personalized  program! Feel free to use it at home.
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