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What If...?  
"Luck run out, but safety is good for life"

Help Us, Help You...
Please find the answers to the following "What If" questions and submit them to us. You can find them by asking people, by looking online, by going to the library.  SUBMIT

Ask at least 5 people you know to also add more "What If" questions for our list and we'll post them here. You can email those too, or just post in the comment box below.

Did you know simple things you do, like lighting a candle, answering a phone while cooking or pushing clothes up against a heater, can kill you and those around you?


You probably do know this but busy people can forget their everyday actions can be careless and have huge consequences!


Try this! Put a reminder in high risk areas to help you stop and think, "Do I need to take a breather, move slower and be more cautious right now?" The reminder can be a picture of someone you love, or anything that you choose to recognize as that reminder. 


Get your fire safety list from U.S. Fire Administration!


Do you know how to prepare for an emergency?


... I need carbon monoxide detection? Why is this important?

... I need to test and change smoke detector batteries?

...I need to change an air filter? Why is this important?

...I need to turn off an electrical circuit? How do I know which is which?

...I want to prevent water damage around the caulk of sinks and tubs, or on the floor or wood trim?

...I need to turn off the water only to the toilet?

...the sink, shower, or other drains clog or overflow?

...the toilet clogs or overflows?

...I can't open or close air vents?

...the washer, dryer or dishwasher breaks or floods?

...the sprinklers burst?

...the pipes burst?

...there is a kitchen fire?

...a fire not in the kitchen?

...the hot water tank burst?

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