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Laura Burton
a young writer with motivation to entertain


My days began with a single thought. A single image that induced a feeling that no one else could give me. That thought was you. I'd start my day normally waiting to hear from you, memorizing the time you wake up to better my day with a good morning wish. You could say I had fallen for you. I would have done anything to make you happy; give up anything to invest my time into you.

Young men and women can get so wrapped up in a relationship without realizing it is, in reality, holding them back. Whether you're financially supporting him, or giving up other friendships for her, or just simply letting that person consume your constant everyday thoughts. These are things we must be careful of.



Look at you... Look at how intelligent you are; how much potential you possess. You think you are in this deep love when, if you’re honest with yourself, you might admit it's taking more out of you than it is giving you. This relationship is exhausting and you're suffering from it. It's almost as if you've idolized this boy or girl and given them power over your life decisions. He didn't like your best friend, so you haven't talked to her in weeks. She didn't want you to move, so you talked yourself into believing you really didn’t want to go to that college that just accepted you. He didn't have any money, so once again you're buying dinner for two.


It's a tiring cycle and after a while the consequences truly add up. They add up to something so much smaller and less fulfilling than if you had thrived in those missed opportunities, on your own. This boy has taken your spunk, your independence. Don't let this happen!



Keep your head on your shoulders and know when a relationship is harmful and disabling you from attaining your goals. It is a shame to see beautiful, talented young adults give up so much for people who do so little for them. Stay true to yourself and the dreams you've formed. Your dreams have been with you longer than he has, and they will remain with you longer than he will.

Do not cut short the beauty of the life you live; live it to its full extent, independently. Remove those people who are holding you back! Choose to flourish in relationships that are bettering you and helping you move forward.


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