Want to mentor a young adult age 14 to 25? 
Want to be a mentee with a mature-aged adult?

There are a variety of ways to go through this program with someone else. From interactive life skill projects (there's over 30) to being an Ambassador together for a cause you care about, to creating a business project together...and more.

N.A.V. for mature-aged adults - FREE

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    Once you are signed up, visit the NAV page under "Members' Pages" tab.

    Now that you are a mentor, you'll get matched with a mentee.
    You can message us from the NAV page so we can add you to the database on that page (screen name, not real name). You can watch as people get added on and request a match.

    Or you can find your own buddy to team up with.

    Once we know you are matched we will email you a program guide that suggests ways to utilize the entire program with your mentee.