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There's a lot to learn before a young adult feels comfortable and confident as a knowledgeable member of society. This section covers a wide variety of 'must knows'. 

Me & Society Activities- FREE

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    This is How You'll be Empowered
    after Completing the ME & MY SOCIETY SECTION

    Charitable Leadership
    Be the lead role in your life! Check out this page to get a taste of leadership while helping others.

    Street Smarts
    Don't want to be mugged, assaulted, kidnapped or killed? Important information here may save your life or the life of someone you love!

    Online Smarts &
    Online Safety Games &
    Social Cyber Safety
    If you're going to put your identity, location, feelings or opinions out there on the net, please make sure you're doing it safely.

    You can run but you can't hide from paying taxes. Here you'll find resources for how to understand and pay your taxes but this cool project isn't a how to guide, it's a cool way to see how the income America earns from taxes might affect you and to come up with your opinions on which government departments are important in your life.

    The Voting Game
    Now this project is the coolest way to experience the power of your vote, your voice. Get with a group or one of our Advisors to create your own country - there are very few rules to this game - let your imagination soar but there is just one important rule...

    Keep the Earth Happy
    Great resources, fun projects, important's your world!
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