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    Household Bills
    Imagine paying $70 per month for electricity and then suddenly one month the bill is $120...This happens for a few reasons and it can throw off your entire budget, causing you lots of stress.

    This project is simple and interesting!
    Utility Savings Plan
    There are many ways to save money and not suck the life out of our precious earth.

    This project is continued from the Household Bills project.
    What if ??
    Do you know what to do in case of a fire, a flood, a clogged drain, an electrical outage, or a broken water pipe? Check out these tips for how to prevent a disaster and how to fix one.

    Note: Graphic Designers needed to make this project really great! Contact us if you can donate your skills (you'll keep the licensing rights to the game)!

    Keep it clean! Avoid fights with your roommates, as well as damage to your skin and to the environment.

    Living on Your Own!
    It might sound like finding a place to live is just a simple process if you use your common sense. Think you'll find tips and tricks to make the process quicker, easier and smarter. You'll learn the landlord's rights (to save you money and stress) and you'll learn your rights as a tenant!

    The Grocery Challenge
    You don't have to be a soccer mom with a mini-van to know how to buy the right food for the right price.
    Take a look at these tips to save you time and money. The project is connected to the next one...

    The Cooking Challenge
    Learn to cook and you'll save money, calories and health risks. This project can't teach you exactly how to cook but it shows you how to set yourself up so cooking doesn't sound like such a chore!