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This is How You'll be Empowered after completing the

Me & My Career Activities- FREE

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    Finding a Job that Makes Sense 
    Do you know what to do for a career? Or do you have no clue? Either way, you'll get to narrow down your career interests by learning the ins-and-outs of the careers you're considering. You'll decide if you are suitable for that career-lifestyle and if it's a good fit for you!

    Career Pathways
    Do you know how you can have the career you want? Here you'll discover the pathways that lead to your ideal career. Don't worry, it's not all just education and training. There are many fun, inspiring and simple ways to make employers want to hire you!

    Never be nervous in an interview again! Here you'll learn how to ask smart questions and answer smart questions so you can stand out from the rest and be your unique self.

    Find a business-mentor! This is invaluable to your career path!

    I'm My Own Boss!
    Don't want to work for someone else? Maybe you should be your own boss! This section gives you the chance to try it out and develop 'entrepreneurial skills' - in a safe, risk-free way...while helping someone in need.

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