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You are an excellent parent and you do not need help…but you appreciate extra support. Your young adult is anywhere from 17 to 22 and they are facing choices that will build the foundation of their life. They are making a variety of decisions with varying impacts and you just can’t be involved in every one. Did you prepare them for all of it? Of course not, and their self-discovery is part of their life journey. 
We’ll provide the landscape and aerial view to help you provide the parenting.

Online Only unless you are in the Coeur d'Alene/Spokane metropolitan area.

Advisor - Per Week

  • $150 per week or $500 per month ($100 savings for monthly)

    This covers up to 4 hours of active conversation PLUS work I do independently on your behalf. This usually includes online research, making phone calls, emailing you, editing something you've written and creating materials (a career path assessment is one example).


    1. Financial Literacy simulation
    2. Career Pathway - get to know yourself before choosing a career

    3. Turning hobbies and skills into marketable skills for employment or as a freelance entrepreneur

    4. Grocery Shopping and Kitchen challenges
    5. Budgeting for an apartment, dorm or new home - understanding needs v. wants
    6. Common sense in the home

    7. Understanding what society expects and how to be a good citizen
    8. Safety tests online and learning offline common sense

    9. Wellness - emotional, physical and long-term

    Other possible topics per the parent's discretion:
    10. Boyfriends, Friendships & those big decisions
    11. Peer pressure
    12. The ugly truth of drugs, alcohol and careless decisions
    13. Contracts, agreements and commitments (from owning a pet to having a baby, from signing online and offline contracts, to standing by your word with friends and family...)

    Give me a call or email to discuss a personalized plan!
    (208) 964-6399
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