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Explain to your Young Adults...

They can connect with the.Game & learn without even realizing they are learning! It's fun!
We do not mold them to fit into a box. We encourage them to design their box!

The the.Game way:

  •  Grow into your potential, without becoming someone you are not comfortable being!


  •  Get to know yourself. Don't map your future until you've explored your perspective of self, of your immeidate surroundings & of the outside world. 


  •  Be stronger than your pressures!!! Even the greatest choices & life skills will not be a bandaid for your inner issues.

In your Organization

Do  you...

  • work with a youth group?

  • work with at-risk youth?

  • work with probation or rehabilitation youth or adults?

  • work with kids aging out of foster care?

  • work with interns or volunteers?

  • work with young adults straight out of college?

  • You are in a position to introduce them to life skills. Their knowledge will be your gain.

In High School, Private, Home School, College, Prep Schools...


You may remain independent from our Administration and modify the materials for your group or classroom needs


Your students can sign up on this site and report back to you in the classroom. 

All cost-based services for classroooms include common core integration. For example, let's say your classroom is doing the Me & Society section and they are working on the Voting Game. We will provide a one page synopsis of how that project (the game) fits into common core standards as would be recognized by the Department of Education.

In your Family

Incorporate our life skills into your home. Use the interactive projects as a means of... negotiating with your youth so they will agree to learn a new skill before you "give them the keys" to different doors of responsibility. 

Whether it's a down payment for a car, help with an apartment or college expenses, setting up a bank account...or more, we've got just the project for them to practice and learn new life skills.


Want an Advior to help YOU guide your teen through initial decisions to build their 'New Adult' foundation?

I've got this! I'm Wendy, LLCo Director and Teen Advocate

I will use our the.Game program as a base model to personalize my work with you and your teen. 

I am passionate about parenting! I offer a valuable blend of conservative & serious with energetic & youthful. I can serve as a conduit between your teen and you in those areas where they, being teens, might flourish from an additional, third party influence.


Who is this service for? 

You are an excellent parent and you do not need help…but you appreciate extra support. Your young adult is anywhere from 17 to 22 and they are facing choices that will build the foundation of their life. They are making a variety of decisions with varying impacts and you just can’t be involved in every one. Did you prepare them for all of it? Of course not, and their self-discovery is part of their life journey. The Get. in the Game program is here to give them a practice round.

I will help you, help them, to see an aerial view of their life’s map.
I will provide the landscape so you can provide the parenting.

Note:  I do not discuss political, religious or controversial topics with your child. My stance is "Independent & Non-Denominational" so I can assure you there is no slant to my Advising-Friendship. 

Please reload the.Game...

50 Everyday Ways to Love Your Teen

Do you ever wonder how to really connect with your teenager—to help them feel seen, felt, and understood? So often parents worry about the potential pitfalls of adolescence that they lose sight of the everyday ways they make a real difference in their teen’s healthy development. 

When teens feel emotionally attached to their parents, they develop internal strengths that last a lifetime. The small things we say and do that help them believe in themselves become the building blocks of their success. 

Rather than being driven by fear and worry as your child becomes an adolescent, these 50 everyday ways to love teens will support their development, long-term happiness, and well-being.

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