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Welcome to N.A.V.

Your New Adult Vehicle. 

What's the Difference between a Learning Life Co. Advisor
& other Mentors?

Learning Life Advisors (LLA's) are employed with the company and follow a specific curriculum for each  life skill  topic and the activities associated with each topic. They also incorporate "Common Core Standards" into the member's various experiences. Common Core is a type of educational belief and practice that is very important, current and well respected in today's education system. In our case, utilizing the Common Core Standards means that our Advisors will do their best to connect the member's academics to their life skill materials, and connect all of that to their real world reality & their real world dreams.

Advisors do not tutor on school work. They simply ask what classes the  member is taking and then they keep that in mind while they work their magic.

There is a fee for using Learning Life Advisors. The fee varies depending on which life skill topic(s) you choose.  Advisors are required to take time to personalize the material to the member. This is why we ask members to fill out profile questionnaires. They also spend time researching on your behalf so they can offer thoughtful insight that is accurate, current and relevant to the member.



Other Types of Mentors

Are you 18 to 25 years old? 

Here you can explore new adult skills that will make your life run smooth and start building a path for your goals.

You can do this 
while teaching what you learn to an under-18 teenager.

Are you 15 to 17 years old? 

Go through one or all of the the.Game programs with an older young adult mentor! Learn together and use the the.Game program as your vehicle.

Been a...grown up 
for a long time?

Still cool enough to hang with today's teens?
But wise enough to teach them a thing or two?

Share your wisdom with someone younger. Use the.Game as your meeting place and conversation starter.  

Q: Why do you call this section N.A.V.? 
A: Sshh. It's the beginning of a huge top secret project. :-) 

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