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Living on Your Own!

"You never know  how many friends you have...until you rent a house on the beach! 

Author Unknown"


Research apartments or houses that are for rent and that you would actually like to live in! Collect information on 3 of them to use in this project.

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Research Skills

Evaluative Skills

Complete your checklist for all three options. You might print the lists and hand write columns for each place so you can compare them side by side.

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Analytical Skills

Organizational Skills

Time Management Skills

Complete the application. There is a button on the top right corner that will allow you to send it via email. Send it to:

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Planning in Advance

Discuss your project results with your Advisor. Keep your research, articles and checklists for future reference. Let your Advisor know if while doing this project you are actually looking for a place, right now, in real life. What can we do further to help you succeed in finding a place?

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