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School Year Abraod

For nearly 50 years, School Year Abroad has sent high school juniors and seniors to study abroad in distinctive cities and towns throughout Europe and Asia where their safety and security is a priority.


Widely considered the 'gold standard' of high school study abroad programs, SYA's rigorous academic curriculum, paired with complimentary educational travel and varied extracurricular activities, ensure students are in an optimal position to return to their home schools or proceed to college.

Center for Cultural Interchange

There is no better time to travel abroad than as a high school student. Your study abroad program will positively influence your academic and career choices, and the confidence, independence and broadened global perspective you'll gain will no doubt shape you in ways you can't imagine. While many of your peers are content to take the road well-traveled, you are looking for something more.


Studying abroad in High School with CCI Greenheart Travel is an open door to endless possibilities, and we look forward to helping you take the first steps in this amazing journey.


Welcome to Ayusa Study Abroad

Thank you for your interest in studying abroad with Ayusa! We have undergone some program changes and are no longer offering long-term study abroad programs for American students. We do have other great ways for you to pursue your passion for cultural exchange. 


If you are an American high school student that is on an Ayusa Study Abroad program, or will be going on an Ayusa program, use the program finder or the program links on the right for additional information. If you have any program related questions, feel free to contact us directly at 800.579.1709.


Study Abroad ✈ 

Volunteer Abroad ✈

Intern Abroad ✈ 

Teach Abroad ✈ ✈ ✈ 

National Geographic Student Expeditions

About Our Trips

Get into the field on an Expedition, Field Workshop, Photo Workshop, or Community Service trip, at a destination that captures your imagination. National Geographic offers student travel programs around the world that aim to inspire and educate high school students. | More »

Go "On Assignment"

Our On Assignment projects allow you to dig deeper into a country’s landscape and culture, and to develop your own story throughout your travels by translating your experiences into a finished product—an essay, short film, or slideshow. | More »


Two Worlds Unite

TWU offers partial scholarships from $250 up to $1800. Qualified students may apply based on criteria which may include: academic grade point average, financial need, number and level of courses attempted in high school, rank in class, and information included on the International Awareness Scholarship application. Each scholarship is based upon meeting the individual scholarship requirements and the application competition.

The selection of Scholars is based on academic achievement, evaluation of a personal essay, and a personal or telephone interview.  For best consideration, it is important for students to apply early - by February 1st- for admission to the student exchange program at the beginning of the following academic year.

For more information about the TWO WORLDS UNITED International Awareness Scholarship contact the admissions office at 1 888-696-8808

TWO WORLDS UNITED Educational Foundation, Inc.503 East Jackson St. Suite 250 Tampa, FL 33602 USA ✈ Toll Free: 1 888-696-8808


Primary & Secondary Level - Education in Other Countries


"Placing a child or dependent young adult in a foreign school requires following the laws and regulations of the education authorities in the host country, and the rules of the school itself. Studying in a local school overseas can be an exciting and enriching experience for any child.

USNEI provides links to Web sites overseas that describe the primary and secondary school systems of individual countries. You can find these sites under National Information Sources. Not all countries have such sites.


Other essential information can be found under Going Abroad, which provides links to U.S. agencies and foreign government representatives that you need to know about and work with in order to have a successful overseas experience for you and your family."


Visions Service Adventures

Since 1989, VISIONS has set the standard for international community service programs.


You will know the people whose lives you impact. You will work hard, play hard, and make a difference.VISIONS summer community service programs for teens and middle school students blend ambitious volunteer projects, cultural immersion, and adventurous exploration. Join us for a travel experience of community service and adventure!


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