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This is How You'll be Empowered...



Do you know what to do for a career? Do you know what you don't want to do?

In FINDING A JOB THAT MAKES SENSE, you'll get to narrow down your career interests by learning the ins-and-outs of the careers you're considering. You'll decide if you are suitable for that career-lifestyle and if it's a good fit for you!


Do you know how you can have the career you want? In CAREER PATHWAYS you'll discover the pathways that lead to your ideal career. Don't worry, it's not all just education and training. There are many fun, inspiring and simple ways to make employers want to hire you!


Never be nervous in an interview again! 


In INTERVIEWS, you'll learn how to ask smart questions and answer smart questions so you can stand out from the rest and be your unique self.


Everyone should have a career-related mentor. This is invaluable to your career path!


Don't want to work for someone else? Maybe you should BE YOUR OWN BOSS! This section gives you the chance to try it out and develop 'entrepreneurial skills' - in a safe, risk-free way...while helping someone in need.




Money problems can ruin lives! Don't let it control your happiness and well-being! Have fun with this unique FINANCIAL SIMULATION and experience the joys of making money and the 'uh-oh!' feeling when your budget takes a nose dive - do it now - before it really is your money! You'll be so happy you took the time to develop these smart habits and set standards for your financial well-being! These simulations have a fun twist! 


Imagine being told you aren't trusted to make rent payments for an apartment. Or you can't get a loan for something extremely important to you...Good credit gives you many choices in life! Don't let a low score limit your options.



(1)FICO Score projects COMING SOON.


Do you like being the butt of a joke? Well, that's what it feels like when you purchase a car. This VEHICLE OWNERSHIP section will tell you everything you need to know about buying a car and all the costs involved in owning a car.



INSURANCE! Oh it's such a catch-22. You think you don't need it until you do.
This section will show you why it's important, how to decide what policy is best for you, and how to understand the foreign language of insurance.



"Money will buy you a fine dog, but only love can make it wag its tail" 
Richard Friedman



 Household Bills & Utility Savings Plan

Imagine paying $70 per month for electricity and then suddenly one month the bill is $120...This happens for a few reasons and it can throw off your entire budget, causing you lots of stress.

This project is simple and interesting!


What if ??
Do you know what to do in case of a fire, a flood, a clogged drain, an electrical outage, or a  broken water pipe? Check out these tips for how to prevent a disaster and how to fix one.

Note: Graphic Designers needed to make this project really great! Contact us if you can donate your skills (you'll keep the licensing rights to the game)!

Keep it clean! Avoid fights with your roommates, as well as damage to your skin and to the environment.

Living on Your Own!
It might sound like finding a place to live is just a simple process if you use your common sense. Think you'll find tips and tricks to make the process quicker, easier and smarter. You'll learn the landlord's rights (to save you money and stress) and you'll learn your rights as a tenant!

The Grocery Challenge
You don't have to be a soccer mom with a mini-van to know how to buy the right food for the right price.
Take a look at these tips to save you time and money. The project is connected to the next one...


 The Cooking Challenge
Learn to cook and you'll save money, calories and health risks. This project can't teach you  exactly how to cook but it shows you how to set yourself up so cooking doesn't sound like such a chore!


“We learn the ropes of life by untying its knots.”
Jean Toomer




Charitable Leadership

Be the lead role in your life! Check out this page to get a taste of leadership while helping others.

Street Smarts

Don't want to be mugged, assaulted, kidnapped or killed? Important information here may save your life or the life of someone you love!

Online Smarts &
Online Safety Games &
Social Cyber Safety

If you're going to put your identity, location, feelings or opinions out there on the net, please make sure you're doing it safely.


You can run but you can't hide from paying taxes. Here you'll find resources for how to understand and pay your taxes but this cool project isn't a how to guide, it's a cool way to see how the income America earns from taxes might affect you and to come up with your opinions on which government departments are important in your life.

The Voting Game
Now this project is the coolest way to experience the power of your vote, your voice. Get with a group or one of our Advisors to create your own country - there are very few rules to this game - let your imagination soar but there is just one important rule...

Keep the Earth Happy
Great resources, fun projects, important's your world

“In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life:
it goes on."

Robert Frost


“Don't go around saying the world owes you a living.
The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”

Mark Twain



My Health

Take control of your health! Here you'll find an all in one health site, a health plan, a questionnaire to learn your health history, and a secret about common health problems and how to improve them. Much more to come throughout 2013!


My Mind-My Balance

What puts your day, week or life off balance? We can help you figure it out!

Stress & Time Management

You'll thank us for these unique tips!


Now this page is a wild ride - take a look!


Attitude & Character

Attitude is how you act and react.
Character is who you are when no one is looking.

Peer Pressure

Give us one reason you should give in to it, we'll give you 10 ways it will ruin your life.


What Pressures do you Face?



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