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Jobs & Internships

Overview the. Game offers work opportunities...
...without asking for work qualifications!


We will set you up if you are:

  • A young adult

  • willing to work,

  • Do your best,

  • Accept advice,

  • Show up and be accountable, 

  • Be respectful to the companies who generously
    agree to participate in our program!

Job Readiness Training:
Below is a description of the 3 temporary jobs we created for our members as part of theirLife Skills learning. 

        Actual Work, for Actual Money! 


Internships with Learning Life Company:
Below is also a description of internships available with Learning Life Company (that's us).  

          Currently we have volunteer based Internships with opportunities to earn commission by selling services,                             or by helpiing to secure Sponsors, Donors or Grants. 


   Stay tuned for outside Internships.


Coming Soon
Savvy Sales Contractors
Get Fun Getting in the Game
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