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Don't just fumble into a career choice.
Know your options.


The Daily Grind
So you like the pay and the hours of your potential career, but have you thought about the day-in-day-out characteristics of that career? Please do the questionnaire we provided on the main Me & My Career page! Keep your answers so you can refer to your 'likes and dislikes'. When you are reviewing your career path or thinking of applying for a job, you should refer back to this questionnaire. 


Contact Wendy if you have questions about terminology used in the work force. For example, what's the difference between an industry and a sector?

Project Instructions: Do a job shadow or set up an interview with a professional in a field you are interested in. Use the documents found by clicking the photos below to help you out!

Click the photos for helpful documents!

Use Linked In to carve your Professional Path

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