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It's charity. It's business. It's academic. It's life skills. 

Your passion. Your plan. Your voice.

--Welcome to EntreGivers! 

In the EntreGivers program you can use your entrepreneurial interests to serve your community or a charity you care about.

At the same time, we will serve you so that your hard work and dedication can be used to advance you on your career path, promote self-esteem & self-awareness and introduce new personal and professional opportunities. 


Step 1. Sign up with the.Game using the login in the header of any page

Step 2. Sign up for EntreGivers using the tab to the very right of the page: "Free Services: Sign up HERE".

Step 3. You'll receive an email with:

 - a business plan template to use while planning your charitable project

-  information and links to assist you in writing the business plan

-  instructions for how the director will work with you throughout your project (free guidance v. fee-based guidance)
Step 4. If you have any questions just email or call the director at (208) 964-6399 Mon - Sat 9:00 am to 5:00


 Click thru the images below to learn of the benefits!

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WE'LL ADD the twist


What is Service-Learning? 


It's when an individual or group creates a plan and then sees it through - and - 

The plan must "serve" or benefit a charity, a community, a person, animals, the environment, or a specific cause. 

Typically an organization or school helps the person initiate their service learning project and is there to discuss, analyze and further explore what was learned from the project.


Example of a Global

Project: Organize

As an asembly line of help between America and a third world country that delivers clean water (or clean clothes, healthy food, etc.) to people who otherwise have

no access to it.


Example of a Local Project: Volunteer to read to terminally ill people, young or old. Or, tutor children in poverty or who have absentee parents. 


Look at My'Kah's Boxes of Love project!

(So cool!)





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