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We recommend you provide access to Get in the Game's The Toolbox in your computer labs. If you do not have a computer on-site then we can discuss getting one donated to you for the purpose of offering this program. Below are some ways to integrate our interactive projects into your program:


  1. Create a Get in the Game club. A club is good for both the achievers who enjoy extra-curricular OR the teens lacking motivation and who just need something to belong to. You can choose a single topic from our life skill library, such as "Financial Literacy" and build the club around that - include another school and have competitions. You could also use all of the life skills and have the club cycle through one every two months during the school year. 


  2. Counselor / Mentor Field-Work. Designate a counselor, mentor, or acquire a sponsor to hire one of our Advisors - to work with your youth, one-on-one, as they go through our program. This is especially important for the at-risk demographics who may not receive guidance at home. It's also important for the young adult that says, 'ho hum - I don't know what I want out of life' as much as it is for the teen that has all the opportunities in the world but too much pressure to choose.


  3. Give them the FUN-FIRST! For your young adults that lack the motivation or desire to improve their circumstances, we can approach our program at a different angle. Please contact us to discuss the variety of activities we have that put the 'fun' first - and then the learning happens as a natural result. We have some amazing confidence-building activities!

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