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Welcome to N.A.V.

Your New Adult Vehicle. 

Step 1.
Find a Mentor or Mentee using the resources on this page.

Step 2.
Once you are matched, decide which GITG program you will explore together.


  • Any of 30 + life skills

  • Ambassadors Connect

  • EntreGivers

Chat here with your mentor/ mentee, or with others, and feel free to share words of wisdom about life or this NAV program. 


Here's a starter question!
Mentors: "What life lesson - or mistake - did you learn that hard way and would like to protect your mentee from?"

Mentees: "What life lesson do you want to ask your parents about but you don't or can't for whatever reason. Ask here!"



  • This site is geared toward minors. Any innappropriate material will be sent to the police for further investigation. Be cool. 

  • This site is NOT a place for controversial rants and raves. We LOVE freedom of speech but we worked too hard to make this site cozy and safe for all. Please respect that.

We may be testing chat systems for a while. Don't be alarmed if this changes. 

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