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 Learning Life Company’s MISSION is to offer a bridge for young adults to

 cross into adulthood.The life skill curriculum and services are tied together
to make a 
personalized program that influences members
to recognize their

           pursue their dreams and to immediately begin creating a future
inspires them.

These young adults shall enter the workforce, be accountable,

live with purpose, and contribute goodness to society.



Learning Life Company achieves this mission by using a blend of traditional teaching methods, such as written, visual, self-reflection and experiential – all wrapped into a platform called the the.Game program (GITG). 

It involves whole communities, including parents, educators and organizations, while making extra strides for at-risk youth and their families.


       GITG consists of entrepreneurial based service-learning, job readiness, ambassadorships, common core correlations, and over 30 life-skills into a series of activities. This real world-interactive approach empowers young adults to carve their place in the world.



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